Wednesday, September 09, 2015

EX with benefits

"EX with Benefits" is a story of a woman who has to sell a new branded medicine to her ex-boyfriend who is now already a famous doctor.

There is a lack of coherency in scripting of this film.  It seems that the characters are forced by the scriptwriters to create the complications for such a simple love situation, especially at the moment of confrontation,   Moreover, Derek Ramsay's chemistry doesn't jive with Coleen Garcia. Otherwise, the elements of cinematography are satisfactory.

This film may also be an eye-opener for people in the medical profession if there indeed are incidences of corruption and immorality in the selling and endorsing of medicines.  The Philippine Medical Association should definitely look into the matter.  But if this is a question of artistic expression, then the viewers should be well-advised to discern whether this film portrays the dynamics of a love story or expresses free pre-marital sex instead of true love.  Otherwise, this film is not recommended to 13 year-olds or those thinking to enter into the noble and highly-esteemed medical profession.  Let a more mature audience watch and and critique it.

Rating: 2.5

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