Sunday, June 23, 2013

World war Z

World War Z is a story of a man tasked to decipher how he could destroy the zombies who are infecting millions of people in the blink of an eye.

Things as so fast paced; children are exposed to danger and violence.  The script is excellent.  There is no way one man can eradicate the infection, except ... just watch the movie and see.  There's nothing that human beings cannot solve.

Kudos to man's ingenuity!  There's not doubt that there's no problem man cannot solve.  The only challenge is how this can translate in real life.  In as much as man can solve the greatest problems on earth, let's not forget that man himself is also the cause of the problems existing in the world - sin, corruption, sickness, destruction of the environment, moral decay, and poverty - unless he makes a definitive decision to fight against corruption with the power of truth and love.

Rating: 4/5

Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Steel

Man of Steel is a story of a man who searches for his identity and makes proper use of this to win against the nemesis.

The animation is none like it!  No episodes of artistic portrayal or slow motions.  Everything is done fast paced.  I would consider noble the life-like portrayal of battles and destruction that leaves out nothing for the imagination.  The animated special effects plus the icon of Superman making itself alive in today's times are all meant to visualize in the mind, boost and perpetuate what is basically the American myth - invincible, confident, and and inherently gifted with the sense of righteousness coming from of old.

Undeniably, everyone would amazed at the feat of Superman.  All will fall in love with him.  But it is worth reminding ourselves that the gift of righteousness and courage is not what is out there but in each one of us.  This very identity that makes us human can also be our base to search for what is truly divine in us all - our capacity to change the world for good until we recognize the ultimate goodness that comes from on high.

rating: 3.5/5

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hangover 3

Hangover 3 is the end to a trilogy of four friends that want to capture a long time nemesis and finally attain lasting peace in their lives.

The film may have elicited a reaction against race.  Otherwise, this is classified as a campy film whose objective is nothing else except to save a friend.

What really is the basic storyline that binds these stories?  The third episode definitely lacks the pizzazz of the first two. Even Bradly Cooper is not as zany as he was in the first two episodes.

The only remaining thing worth salvaging in this movie is friendship, loyalty, and love.  Come to think of it, only virtues like these really last forever.

Rating: 3/5


Epic is a story of an unlikely hero tasked to save the smaller beings on earth from sure destruction.

Using animation, people’s imaginations are given limitless visual possibilities.  On the other hand, how long human existence is, its realities remain the same.  The good news is that complex realities can be given a chance to be explored through animation.

An important human reality is relationships; in this film, a father and daughter relationship.   No matter the present situation of separated parents, a child will still yearn to be united with his/her parents.  That is why this film is rightly called “Epic” because of its immortal value.  

Rating: 4/5