Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Steel

Man of Steel is a story of a man who searches for his identity and makes proper use of this to win against the nemesis.

The animation is none like it!  No episodes of artistic portrayal or slow motions.  Everything is done fast paced.  I would consider noble the life-like portrayal of battles and destruction that leaves out nothing for the imagination.  The animated special effects plus the icon of Superman making itself alive in today's times are all meant to visualize in the mind, boost and perpetuate what is basically the American myth - invincible, confident, and and inherently gifted with the sense of righteousness coming from of old.

Undeniably, everyone would amazed at the feat of Superman.  All will fall in love with him.  But it is worth reminding ourselves that the gift of righteousness and courage is not what is out there but in each one of us.  This very identity that makes us human can also be our base to search for what is truly divine in us all - our capacity to change the world for good until we recognize the ultimate goodness that comes from on high.

rating: 3.5/5

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