Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Princess and the frog

The Princess and the frog is a story of a young woman who dreamed of having her own restaurant only to find out she couldn't because she turned into a frog.

Inspired by E. D. Baker's novel The Frog Princess, this film gives a twist to the character of the Princess. The script is also seamless and believable; animation is certified Disney creation. By its mode, it may be geared to become a Broadway musical in the future.

The only disturbing aspect of the film is how the power of evil can convert people into beasts. Of course this is fictional and voodoo is a pagan ritual, but could children take it? Besides, Disney's preoccupation with its conventional evil characters may have gone a bit too far in this movie. They should opt to redefine their convention which by now is not only obsolete but may actually cross the line from entertaining children to actually inviting the power of evil to lurk in the world. Remember, no amount of evil can counteract the power of God and the good.

Rating: 3/5

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Avatar is an semi-animated film about a man who has to fill up the shoes of his twin brother to manage his avatar as he enters into a new world and learn its culture.

The most significant thing is how the script develops to make you glued to your seat in a span of three hours. There wasn't any dull moment with Avatar. The animated world blended seamlessly with the real world, thus, enmeshing these two. The digital world definitely awakens the viewer that the film he is watching could not be real. But he is left to look for any resonance of the film with the real life.

Many other "alien" films are produced with this kind of theme, i.e., picturing the humans' inhumanity and the aliens' innocence. These films pose a challenge to us, "What have we done to our own world?" We may have gone a long way in advancing technology, but we haven't become more humane. Unless we change our outlook, our world may actually disintegrate and die, leaving the next generation to suffer extinction and decay.

Rating: 5/5