Saturday, August 30, 2008

Big Stan

Big Stan is a film about a con man who prepares his life in prison by studying martial arts in order to avoid being raped.

The challenge of films with less costly special effects and elaborate scenes is creating a good script. Admittedly, it is sorely lacking in this film. Though Rob Schneider is a natural at times, in this film he has to exert more effort to save the script, with unnoticeable result. The plot is so thin that the writers have to fabricate another story to make it compelling.

The film is based on the assumption that the prisoners are rapists, molesters, and thieves with a natural inkling to violence; this is what violates the dignity of persons behind bars. Though there an equal power capable of reforming people and this is probably saved the film, still the issue of prisoners should be handled with sensitivity and not just for the sake of comedy. The viewer may just lose his moral sense along the way.

Rating: 2.5/5

Hellboy 2: The golden army

Hellboy 2: The golden army is a film about Hellboy trying to stop a mythical ruler who violates the agreement of peace between mythical and the real world.

The animation is amazing. The characters are products of a creative mind. The plot too is amazing and so too are the transitions and twists in the story.

It is amazing how the world of fantasy is crossed with real world. This is world of children. Unfortunately, there are those who abuse children's gift of imagination and create a nightmare just to bring out an unlikely hero. But who are we to judge the hero based only on what we see? What's more important is the substance within - the strength of character of a person. Thus, Hellboy is created. The usual film adage that "good triumphs over evil" lords over this film.

Rating: 3.5/5

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Death race

Death race is a futuristic film about an innocent man who wants to set things right after he was unjustly put in prison just so that he can participate in a prison-sponsored car race to the death.

The special effects nowadays leave nothing to the imagination, especially the violent scenes. Other than this, the script seems to be compelling enough, motivations are clear, and the cast seemed to put on a good show.

It seems so odd that a correctional facility tasked to administer justice would be the first one to violate it. Such post-structuralist outlook hovers over this film, making imminent the destruction of systems and paradigms. But let's hope this would not apply to man's moral sense, otherwise, we would just be unwisely predicting the death of humankind. For man's free will still enables him to choose what is good, just, and true, eventually, saving other human beings. The assumption of this film regarding mankind's penchant for violence is not true at all.

Rating: 2/5

Friday, August 22, 2008

The mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor

The Mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor is a film about an archaeologist and his family once again discovering mummies this time in China belonging to a dreaded emperor who is out to rule the world for all eternity.

People expect that the 3rd saga of The Mummy would be more exciting, more laden with special effects, and more threatening. It partly addressed these concerns; the only problem is that it may have done it too much. The dragon emperor and his soldiers are way too much for Rick O'Connell to handle. That is why the ending is super anti-climactic. Moreover, who would despise Jet Li? The more he appears, the more the audience loves him than Brendan Fraser (with all due respect to him).

Power is insatiable. But it can also corrupt itself. In this film, adventure just overpowered the value of this story. The message that remains is to just let corruption be buried in the past to be forgotten forever.

Rating: 3/5


WALLE is an digital animated film about a waste-organizing robot who after 700 years has developed human capabilities and desires to meet the female robot of his dreams.

Initially, the main challenge of this film is how to justify the rendering of human elements upon a robot. But who would dare question the world of children and fantasy? The second challenge is to make the film a lot interesting using gestures and not words or lines to communicate. Third is how to utilize the world of digital animation to come up with a truly exciting story for children. Pixar addressed all these with pizazz.

It's a film with a heart. WALLE has the heart much more than human beings have. Much more than objects and functions, the human heart desires to love, and loving makes us truly human. In the end, love is all that matters.

Rating: 5/5

Thursday, August 07, 2008

You don't want to mess with the Zohan

This is a comedy film about an Israeli commando who fakes his own death so he can follow his dream - to be a hairstylist in New York City.

There's a lot of glitch in the script - dragging moments and scenes forced to create conflicts. The general plot may be there, but one tends to be lost in the loopholes of unnecessary scenes. Adam Sandler seemed to sacrifice his name when he starred in this film.

Though this comedy film attacks racial discrimination, it too could be guilty of committing the same mistake. The film may actually harm sensibilities without intending it so. Besides, what's the overindulgence on the male genitalia and sex? On a more positive note however, the film does offer a ray of hope for those who want to live a peaceful and productive life, thus reinforcing the myth of "the great American dream".

Rating: 2.5/5

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight stars Batman once again fighting an equally cunning The Jokeer out to terrorize the whole city.

The script is terrifically crafted to include psychological complexity and technical expertise in planning for crime or eradicating it. I would say that the presentation of human reality is so well-researched that the audience understands the underlying motivation of each character. In the end, both Joker and Batman may have something in common - the "dark" stories of their lives.

Batman will always be a superhero for children. Such may not be the case here due to the disturbing presence of the Joker. The film may harm the children's sensibilities. On the other hand, human reality may also be very vulnerable to people of all ages, with the once good having a capacity to do evil. We all should be alert and watchful where we really stand.

Rating: 3.5/5

Meet Dave

Meet Dave is a story of a man and his crew from another galaxy who go to earth to get an orb that is bound to destroy the planet.

The comedic aspect gives life to the script that is so simple and appealing to children. It is also novel to think that a space craft would take the form of a man. In fact, the entire may also be a needed break for Eddie Murphy's acting career.

Meet Dave is truly admirable for teaching values to children - uniqueness, friendship, and a host of other seamlessly integrated in the script. Thus, this film in its simplicity could also be unique and special.

Rating: 3.5/5