Friday, August 22, 2008

The mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor

The Mummy: tomb of the dragon emperor is a film about an archaeologist and his family once again discovering mummies this time in China belonging to a dreaded emperor who is out to rule the world for all eternity.

People expect that the 3rd saga of The Mummy would be more exciting, more laden with special effects, and more threatening. It partly addressed these concerns; the only problem is that it may have done it too much. The dragon emperor and his soldiers are way too much for Rick O'Connell to handle. That is why the ending is super anti-climactic. Moreover, who would despise Jet Li? The more he appears, the more the audience loves him than Brendan Fraser (with all due respect to him).

Power is insatiable. But it can also corrupt itself. In this film, adventure just overpowered the value of this story. The message that remains is to just let corruption be buried in the past to be forgotten forever.

Rating: 3/5

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