Thursday, August 28, 2008

Death race

Death race is a futuristic film about an innocent man who wants to set things right after he was unjustly put in prison just so that he can participate in a prison-sponsored car race to the death.

The special effects nowadays leave nothing to the imagination, especially the violent scenes. Other than this, the script seems to be compelling enough, motivations are clear, and the cast seemed to put on a good show.

It seems so odd that a correctional facility tasked to administer justice would be the first one to violate it. Such post-structuralist outlook hovers over this film, making imminent the destruction of systems and paradigms. But let's hope this would not apply to man's moral sense, otherwise, we would just be unwisely predicting the death of humankind. For man's free will still enables him to choose what is good, just, and true, eventually, saving other human beings. The assumption of this film regarding mankind's penchant for violence is not true at all.

Rating: 2/5

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