Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aliens the attic

Aliens in the attic is a film about a boy and his cousins who have to foil the aliens' mission to rule the earth.

Digital animation is very common nowadays and this film does not add anything spectacular to the world of film making. However, the scenes are entertaining, funny and sensible. It is also fast-paced. The film with its script and characters is tailor-made for children.

Alien movies always mirror the basic attitude toward aliens or foreign nationals in real life. In a family setting, a stranger in the home is much like the same thing. Perhaps, a welcoming stance would be more apt than fearing strangers at the first instance of the encounter. Fantasizing aliens as monsters does not help decrease the barrier that separates us from one another. Recognize the dignity of a stranger and be hospitable to him/her.

Rating: 3/5

Monday, August 24, 2009

We are on facebook!

Friends, we are on FACEBOOK! Just look for my name so we can interact better there. I post our latest gospel reflections, movie reviews, and reflections about our country. All of these make sense in helping us be inspired with the things that influence our lives. God bless!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The orphan

The Orphan is a film about a family that lost a daughter that they choose to adopt an orphan.

The character development and script are believable. The sound contributed a lot to the heightening of suspense. The plot leads to a climactic ending.

Three people in the scriptures should be accorded with charity - the strangers, widows, and orphans. Unfortunately, the Orphan enforces that fear in us in accepting people into our homes. This mistrust also enforces the myth that our families are the only ones existing in this world and we don't need others. But this is totally uncalled for. Even family members could inflict violence in a domestic setting. We just need to trust one another.

Rating: 2.5/5

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

G.I. Joe: The rise of the cobra

G.I. Joe: the rise of the cobra is a story of a special Battalion capable of fighting the enemy using the latest state-of-the-art artillery.

The action is just "ka-boom!", from one action to another; the story doesn't seem to end. The script is tailored for children, that is why the plot is simple. The key to fast-paced action is computer animation - the most impossible tasks come to life. The sound adds up to the feeling of realism of this science fiction fantasy film.

With this film, nothing is left to the imagination. But there probably might too much of this so-called "action", as if everything is pushed to the limitless sphere of violence and death. There is no entertainment, just plain violence and death. It desensitizes children to the world of gruesome death. If that is the filmmaker's orientation, too bad for our children to loose their childhood simply because of this nonsense action-packed film. Let us warn them that there is nothing glamorous about violent deaths and wars; life is much precious than these.

Rating: 2.5/5

The Proposal

The Proposal is a story about a woman who risks being deported back to Canada unless she does something, like force her secretary to marry her.

Could it be that the script is tailored to suit Sandra Bullock? Probably so. But then again, the story is entertaining and the characters seem to be at home with their lines. The setting is exquisite, the romance is properly timed. The film succeeds with a tear-jerking ending.

Almost everyone knows that love cannot be forced. But much more that forcing love is the reality that all of us do need love. Love is not in receiving, but in giving it. Love is real when it is capable of loving the unlovable; much more, when the unlovable realizes that despite his/her shortcomings, he/she is loved. Then the magic happens, all because of love.

Rating: 3.5/5

Friday, August 07, 2009

My sister's keeper

My Sister's Keeper is a story of a girl who wants to free herself from donating parts of her body to her dying sister.

The script is poignant, touching, and emotional. There is a tendency for Cameron to "act", not live out the role. It is also not totally engaging because the backdrop in question is highly ethical and needed to be discussed rationally.

The story borders between medical science fiction and drama. It is ethically unacceptable to produce human life for the sole purpose of donating its body parts to another no matter how noble a cause is. Man's dignity solely comes from God; he does not have any right to judge on its viability to live. Only God can do it for us. Much more if the main character is a child. Only God has the right to deal with human life; and His is always to give life to everyone, not choose one over another.

Rating: 2.5/5


Hangover is a story of 4 friends who lives get tangled up in Las Vegas 2 days before their friend's wedding.

This film is campy in a way that it is non-linear. It starts with leaving the audience confused on what really happened the night before. The screenplay poses a lot of innovation from the usual Hollywood screenplay. It's not until the final part that one gets "the real story" behind all the mess that happened.

Which is the "real self"? The one that is "behaved", cordial, or prudent, or the other one that is imprudent, harsh, rough, or sexually extreme? Which is the more enjoyable life, the limitless world of the "id" or the conscious "ego"? Perhaps this film would enlighten us that enjoyable the childish self may seem, the consequences of its actions may be hard to bear or even undo - abuse, pain to others, irrationality, sin and death. Though it is good to be aware that there is a sinful playful child in all of us, but use that awareness to tame it and also assist others to use this energy for good.

Rating: 3/5