Friday, August 07, 2009


Hangover is a story of 4 friends who lives get tangled up in Las Vegas 2 days before their friend's wedding.

This film is campy in a way that it is non-linear. It starts with leaving the audience confused on what really happened the night before. The screenplay poses a lot of innovation from the usual Hollywood screenplay. It's not until the final part that one gets "the real story" behind all the mess that happened.

Which is the "real self"? The one that is "behaved", cordial, or prudent, or the other one that is imprudent, harsh, rough, or sexually extreme? Which is the more enjoyable life, the limitless world of the "id" or the conscious "ego"? Perhaps this film would enlighten us that enjoyable the childish self may seem, the consequences of its actions may be hard to bear or even undo - abuse, pain to others, irrationality, sin and death. Though it is good to be aware that there is a sinful playful child in all of us, but use that awareness to tame it and also assist others to use this energy for good.

Rating: 3/5

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