Thursday, September 24, 2015


Ang Silong ay kwento ng isang lalaking pinatuloy ang isang babaeng animo'y pinahihirapan ng kanyang asawa.

Tila may sapat na yaman ang mga producers ng pelikulang ito upang pagkagastusan ang ganitong uri ng story line sa hanay ng mga kwentong mas mahalaga sanang isapelikula.  Maaari rin naman itong tanda na maaari nang makalikha ng mas maraming tema ang Philippine movies.   Kailangan din ng isang sikat ng aktor tulad ni Piolo Pascual upang gumastos ang mga tao upang panoorin ang pelikulang ito.

Ang nakapanghihinayang lamang ay tila walang ibang itinuturo ang pelikula kundi ipahayag lang ang nakasulat sa poster, "The deepest scars are the ones you can't see."  Pero kung sa pagtalakay ng isyung ito, walang ipinakita ang pelikula kundi ang sakit ng isip na sa bandang huli, tila ito rin ang pinatututukuyan sa mga Pilipino - lalaki man o babae, tila may sakit ng pag-iisip na may kahiligang gawan nang masama ang kanilang kapwa.  Mag-ingat ang mga kabataan at yaong nais lamang magpahinga sa panonood ng sineng ito.  Kailangan ng masusing pag-iisip kung ano talaga ang implikasyon ng panonood ng pelikulang ito.

Rating: 2/5 or disturbing

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Papa Francisco: the Pope Francis Story

Papa Francisco: The Pope Francis Story is a film about a journalist who discovers the real person behind the man who is to become Pope.

The most challenging shoot is of course, the Papal Conclave.  It is excellently done.  But the main advantage of the story is the compelling script that aims to come closer to the very heart of the present Pope Francis.  This is the gauge of the success of the film.

The movie explores not only the process of choosing the pope which is admittedly a mystery for the rest of the Catholic world, but of a far greater mystery - how the Holy Spirit molds each person towards interior conversion until he becomes an instrument even for unbelievers, corrupt systems, and yes, even the entire Church.  This film portrayed by one man, can indeed be the story of our struggles to live out and be authentic witnesses of the Faith.

Showing this September 30, 2015.  Highly recommended.

Rating: 5/5

Heneral Luna

Heneral Luna is a story of a Filipino General who in fighting Americans encounters unusual enemies right in his own backyard.

I truly commend the producers of this film.  For the first time since Lino Brocka, I feel that this film truly makes sense in terms of story line, cinematography, special effects, and the superb cast of characters like John Arcilla and the rest. Heneral Luna just made its mark in history of quality Philippine movies that other producers should follow.

Whether history has been fictionalized or tailor-made to fit movie expectations, the film seems to elicit issues beyond what history can offer - we Filipinos can't seem to be united beyond families and power.  In spite of a colorful history, the nationalism we hold on to may be a myth.  Unless we Filipinos change our ways, we still have a long, long, long way to go in attaining true sovereignty.

 Rating: 5/5

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Inside out

"Inside Out" is a story of a joyful alter ego of a girl who wants to restore her to her former happy state.
It's a very creative concept to personify feelings, much more to create a script out of it.  The resolution also is very realistic and engaging.  Truly, this film contains the trademark of Pixar.

The story may depict the dynamics of the self and its seeming conflicts, but eventually, everything reaches a state of well-bring brought about by an integrated self.  The point really is geared towards accepting human beings as they are.  Self-acceptance is the starting point of true love.

Overall rating: 4/5

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

EX with benefits

"EX with Benefits" is a story of a woman who has to sell a new branded medicine to her ex-boyfriend who is now already a famous doctor.

There is a lack of coherency in scripting of this film.  It seems that the characters are forced by the scriptwriters to create the complications for such a simple love situation, especially at the moment of confrontation,   Moreover, Derek Ramsay's chemistry doesn't jive with Coleen Garcia. Otherwise, the elements of cinematography are satisfactory.

This film may also be an eye-opener for people in the medical profession if there indeed are incidences of corruption and immorality in the selling and endorsing of medicines.  The Philippine Medical Association should definitely look into the matter.  But if this is a question of artistic expression, then the viewers should be well-advised to discern whether this film portrays the dynamics of a love story or expresses free pre-marital sex instead of true love.  Otherwise, this film is not recommended to 13 year-olds or those thinking to enter into the noble and highly-esteemed medical profession.  Let a more mature audience watch and and critique it.

Rating: 2.5