Tuesday, March 15, 2016

London has fallen

London has Fallen is a film about Chief Security Officer of the United States ensuring that the U.S. President stays alive while London is being terrorized.

The degree of violence on film truly has escalated.  But the story line of the typical American Cinema remains the same.  It contained the usual order - disorder - order restored scenario and the action-oriented scenes. At the helm of the action is protagonist who is supposed to win over all odds, a typical superhero who cannot be wounded, and who can attain his goal at all costs.

Undeniably, one's unquestionable commitment is to ones country and all that it represents.  This is what America stands even when faced with tyranny.  But much more that country affiliation is the advocacy to peace, respect and solidarity among countries.  There could not be any space for violence of any kind.  Humankind's history is marred with so much death and violence because of selfish powers that want to propagate themselves.  It's time to choose the greater good - the
good of all humanity.

Rating: 3 / 5

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