Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Si Enteng, Si Agimat, at si Ako

This is a story of 3 characters who got together to fight a common enemy.

Philippine movies have progressed in making digital animations; but not quite for this film.  If it could still make it seamless, the better.

Another source of tension is exposure time for 3 giant actors.  Where does the weight of the film lie heavily - Enteng, Agimat, or Ako?

The only thing that is worth commending is the the way the story reaches its climax.  One could feel correct vibrations of fear and suspense.

Ethically and pastorally, How long would the Filipino still rely heavily on magic swords and powers to counteract the enemy, and fantastic characters?  Another one - a female fantasy character enters the fray.  In as much as films like this is entertaining, how should we fight the real enemy brought about by a corrupt political or economic power lurking in the midst, by which the ordinary Filipino, especially the poor, finds himself a victim of?  It's time to turn dreams into realities.

Rating: 3/5

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