Friday, April 30, 2010

The back-up plan

The Back-up Plan is a film about a woman who wants to have a baby by artificial insemination, but it comes in at a wrong time.

This classic Hollywood cinema tries its best to conform to its conventions by tying up loose threads of inconsistencies in the plot development.   There is a confusion as to the real motive of Stan (Alex O'loughlin) which makes him appear as the perpetual nemesis.  Overall, finished product seemed far away from its original concept.

One cannot feel at home with new concepts like artificial insemination to enjoy or be engaged into the film. The world of single parenthood not by consequence but by choice could not be in anyway acceptable by any normal human being, especially if seen from the point of view of the wholistic upbringing of the innocent into this world.  This may not just be a love story, but it tainted with something more confusing and complex that the audience is advised against watching it in the name of inspiration or just entertainment.

Rating: 2/5

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