Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The ugly truth

The Ugly Truth is a story about a woman who seeks the advice from a male anchor who has more than enough knowledge of sex and relationships.

Of course, much of the credibility of a story relies on a powerful script. Though it borders on the profane, the film manages to catch up on the end. Still, much of the comedy is slapstick. Things just appear scripty with the cast playing too fictional roles only the writers can come up with.

The film, even though it justifies itself at the end part, still cannot compensate for the harm it did in labeling and typecasting the essence of love as perverse, raw, carnal - defining it as an "ugly truth." After the film, all men and women are just that - without any sense of redemption whatsoever. It also went against all ethical considerations of mass media - it managed to hurt the ethical sensibilities of individuals under the guise of comedy. Dignity or even respect is not a factor to consider in this movie. It is hard to clarify what love and lust are in this movie. There may not be any difference at all for the unsuspecting audience.

Rating: 2.5/5

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