Monday, September 07, 2009

Final destination

Final Destination is a film about a teen who has a vision of future events of the death of people including himself and he has to find ways to counteract it.

This apocalyptic film embodies all its conventions - death all over, death in the songs, death on the restaurant, death on the theaters - pure death everywhere. It utilizes state of the art digital animation to portray the goriest death possible - right in front of our very eyes. It faces what is inevitable - death! To judge what if this is good or bad is left for the audience to decide. What thing is certain - nothing is left to the imagination!

Could fate be so cruel as to leave for free will so helpless to change things? This film espouses determinism at its core. Thus, man is left with no other option except to eventually destroy himself. What then is the essence of a free will? May we find meaning in life even in a senseless death.

This film fits only viewers aged 18 and above.

Rating: 2/5

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