Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Taking of Pelham

TAKING OF PELHAM is a film about a man who hijacks a subway carriage and a cop who stalls him.

John Travolta gave justice to his evil character while Denzel Washington dragged his, playing his character too minimally. The film is tightly knit, somehow quite remarkable how a 1 hour deadline can expand to 2 hours of "reel time." The ending is rather anti-climactic, verifying the initial question like, "How could a criminal get away?" The answer? Just watch it; it's anti-climactic.

There might not be enough motivation to justify an inhumane criminal act. But nowadays, it will always be puzzling why despite its obvious outcome (which is death for the criminal), a criminal act would still be carried out? Stealing and killing ends all possibilities of life. That is why the 10 commandments which contain the most basic norms of human existence, continue to be violated. Learn from the old saying, "Crime does not pay."

Rating: 3/5

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