Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Spiderwick Chronicles is a story a mysterious Spiderwick mansion and a boy who accidentally opens a magic book, and now the ogre and other creatures are coming to get the book and kill the humans while the boy has to undo what he has done.

What catches attention is the music that adds up to the suspense as well as other emotions in the film. Other than that, almost all else are satisfactory - the children's acting, animation, and cinematography. The script is super fast-paced that there's no time to engage the audience emotionally. The dark scenes annoy more than create suspense. Overall, it's still an entertaining film.

This fantasy-adventure film fits the young target market; it's amazing how the author could give life to fairies and ogres and at the same time bring across the message of love always present in parents and children. But the film can be for adults as well, especially the parents. Separated parents should think hard on the consequences of their action, not only from their own point of view, but also from the innocent who would be most affected by the separation - the children carrying unhealed wounds in their whole lives while waiting patiently to be healed.

Rating: 3.5/5

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