Friday, July 20, 2007


"Transformers" is a story of robot-like creatures-at- war from another planet that make their way to earth to recover the cube that is the source of life and power.

The wonders of digital technology today made it possible to produce so effectively the animated series years ago. And the best person to supervise its animation is Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks Pictures. The story is fast-paced with excellent special effects, particularly the scene in New York City and the excellent display of military and airforce arsenal. However, too much robotics may render the screenplay difficult to bring out the human emotions. Also, Shia's character "Sam Witwicky" is so awfully irritating that is hard to empathize with him. Megan's character "Mikaela" lacks luster in her acting that she remains to be a pretty face.

It's an action - adventure film worth spending some time being entertained to but lacking in emotional depth. If these robots would have more heart, then it could have brought this film to a deeper level. The trite concept of the battle between good and evil made the film quite flat. At least, it's still a consolation that "good triumphs over evil". Always.

Rating: 3

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