Friday, February 09, 2007

Night at the Museum

Ben Stiller

Log: this is a story of man who was able to get a night job at the museum that creates havoc and all figures move into action.

Technical assessment:

Ben Stiller is a natural! He produces life in the character and brings together the pandemonium of characters and historical personalities.

This is truly a child's film for entertainment so count out the inconsistencies. It may be entertaining but there are lose ends. The script is as simple as it gets. The film has to capitalize on Stiller and the computer generated effects to lure the audience specially children to watch the movie.

Moral assessment:

Such film gives emphasis to the importance of learning. Targetted for children, the film brings the message home like taking pride even doing blue-collar jobs and the importance of education, plus the fact that we should always be proud of our parents.

But a profound message is also in for the adults - the wounds of history can still be healed if people of races, ages and beliefs all work together for the greater good.

rating: 3.5

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