Friday, August 04, 2006

Welcome to MediaTalk at your fingertips!

We make reviews on what we have heard, seen, and read lately to guide us and understand the workings of mass media.

So far, I am giving a summary of the movies I've seen lately. Later, I hope to give a longer article like a movie analysis. These are the movies I've seen lately:

MY SUPER EX-GIRLFRIEND (comedy/fantasy) presents feminism in a satirical way in the context of a male-dominated sexist world. Rating: 2.5/5

MONSTER HOUSE (action/fantasy/adventure/ horror/comedy) reevaluates how much the of the inner child is lost by many adults today and the efforts needed to recover it. Rating: 3/5

SUPERMAN (action/fantasy/adventure) revived the old comic superhero as well as the relived the memory of the late Christopher Reeve, but he also might revive the sagging America's superhero image in today's times. Rating: 3/5

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN (action/ adventure/comedy) , a film two hours and a half tries to be at par with the box office epic films, but somehow fails to transcend its usual trite entertainment, adventure, and comic formula. Rating: 3/5

CARS is next!

So, welcome to Mediatalk at your Fingertips!

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